Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
and the production and productivity of farmers.

Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Tegano Rain Catchment / Monitoring Report / 05/06/2019 03:12

<% completition_percent %>% Completion

Date of monitoring visit: 14/05/2019
Keliv Sangoihenua

Work plan stages and activities:

<% work_stage.stage %> Completed
<% work_activity.description %> Yes Yes No

Implementation Problem or Procurement issues:

Issue Date Created Date Updated Resolved Y/N
Delay of closing stage activities as due to RWASH co-support at the same community building on from the same work. 14/05/2019 05/06/2019 Yes

Are Financial records being kept up to date: Yes

Have records of community contributions been updated: Yes

Are there any changes to other contributions? No

Other Comment: As this SP now one of the total 4 completed SPs in Renbel, next phase initially requested for co-funding have been slow as RWASH will carry on for the provision of the 24 tanks which should took the overall target of 34 tanks. As it stand, RDP now completed its part of a revised 9 to 14 tanks as per the fund allocation. PSU is liaising with SIC and RWASH through its extension team in Renbel on remain closing stage activities which involves a post-construction training following the establishment of an O&M Committee. A completion ceremony has been also planned once RWASH completed its part. This is really a kind of collaborative effort in respect of related stakeholders and development partner within this sector. PSU is working on this as it would be appropriate once the RWASH completes its contribution so to avoid doing the same process thing at the same people or community. All have been agree to jointly facilitate all closing stage activities especially the post-construction training which both RDP and RWASH would established O&M Committee and tap caretakers. RWASH recently affirm that it already in process of commencing its work at Tegano water tanks where a pre-construction should start early of June 2019. This is, as matter fact, PSU to liaise with PCU on way forwards should time is not in favor. The recent visit to SP site, basically PSU doing followup and assist SIC on the SP remain documentations which now ready and in process of submission to PCU. Also the erection of visibility presentation through stickers embody by symbols of various supporting partners for RDP or the SP, and have them pasted on each tank of 14 at Tegano village.

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