Rural Development Programme

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The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
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Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Koqupoana Kindergarten


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Status: Certified

100% Completion

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Name: Koqupoana Kindergarten
GPS Coordinates: -8.208464(lat), 157.091578(lng)
Province: Western
Ward: Vonavona
Village: Madekoloko
Cycle: Cycle5
Nature of Sub-project: New


Subproject Objective: To build a kindergarten building of permanent structure to provide better education for the children of Koqupoana area.

Brief Description: The proposed kindergarten school will be the first of its kind to be established within Koqupoana area. Koqupoana comprises of villages and small family settlements scattered within an area of around 50 square kilometres located in Vonavona lagoon. The Community have long been experiencing difficulties in paddling their young Children by canoe to Niumala primary school located at least half kilometers adjacent. The proposed kindergarten will enable them to retain their kids at Koqupoana which were at risk of danger in travelling every morning to Niumala. The school will become an extension of Niumala primary school.

Date approved by Province: 30/03/2016
Date TDF approved: 31/05/2016
Community Helper name: Reginald Ngana

Is this project added because of a discontinued project: No

Subproject Type: Classroom
Sector: Education
Subsector: Pre-primary Education

Date of SIC establishment meeting: 02/12/2015
Agreed name of SIC: Koqupoana RDP

SIC Executive Members:

Position (given) Name Gender M/F (select)
Chairperson Sarah Saiuri Female
Treasurer/Accountant Doris Kuma Female
Technical Officer Lorima Mamupio Male
Secretary John Lamu Male
Member1 Kava Lamu Male
Member2 Ben Soga Male
Member3 Russel Lamu Male
Youth Members Kava Male

Total Beneficiaries

Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 25 41 66
15 - 24 yrs 14 63 77
25 - 59 yrs 18 50 68
60+ yrs 7 9 16
Total 64 163 227
People with special needs: 3 Households: 37

Names of villages expected to benefit and number of beneficiaries:


Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 25 41 66
15 - 24 yrs 14 63 77
25 - 59 yrs 18 50 68
60+ 7 9 16
Total 64 163 227
People with special needs 3 Households 37

Work plan stages and activities:

Stage1 Completed
Mobilisation of resources, site development and construction/identification of storage shed. Yes
Collection of sand, gravel and stones Yes
Timber milling and seasoning Yes
Procurement of hardware materials Yes
Set up layout, profiling Yes
Stage2 Completed
Construction of foundation piles/posts, concrete foundation, soak away, septic tank etc. Yes
Construction of wall structure (fixing up of floor joists, bottom plates, studs, top plates, roof beams, verandah beams Yes
Construction of roof (fixing up of rafters, purlin, ridge board, roof bracing, gutters) Yes
Roof cladding and fixing up of ridges Yes
Wall cladding, flooring, ceiling Yes
Stage3 Completed
Construction and fixing up of doors, windows, toilet pan, water pipes, basins, etc Yes
Painting and finishing touches Yes
cleaning of site, removing of debris Yes
Completion Yes

Community procurement plan. List of up to 20 items/contracts:

# Contract Title Contractor Select Goods/Work/Services Cost SBD $
1 Hardware Materials unknown Goods 145073.52


Source Original Amount Planned in TDF Actual amount paid Source contribution % to total Purpose RDP funds acquitted
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