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The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
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Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Ruavatu Secondary Water Supply


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Status: Ongoing

89.5% Completion

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Name: Ruavatu Secondary Water Supply
GPS Coordinates: -9.447222(lat), 160.391111(lng)
Province: Guadalcanal
Ward: East tasimboko
Village: Ruavatu S/School
Cycle: DRG - Disaster Recovery Grants
Nature of Sub-project: Renovation / Repair


Subproject Objective: Make a permanent Water Supply which is clean and safe to drink, wash and bathe for the people of Ruavatu Secondary School and nearby community.

Brief Description: To make reliable and good water supply for Ruavatu Secondary School so that students and staff enjoy learning without water problem. The school look forward to assist in anything needed and requires RDP to fund imported materials to complete the sub project.

Date approved by Province: 29/07/2015
Date TDF approved: 27/04/2016
Community Helper name: Noelyn Palua

Is this project added because of a discontinued project: No

Subproject Type: Water Supply (Borehole Gravity Fed)
Sector: Health
Subsector: Water Supply

Date of SIC establishment meeting: 02/06/2015
Agreed name of SIC: Ruavatu Implementation Committee

SIC Executive Members:

Position (given) Name Gender M/F (select)
Chairperson Richard Balue Male
Treasurer/Accountant Joe Mane Male
Secretary Samuel Reuben Male
Technical Officer John Palmer Male
Youth Member
Member1 Joana Vava Female
Member2 Eric Miti Male
Member3 Noel Fox Male

Total Beneficiaries

Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 62 43 105
15 - 24 yrs 80 79 159
25 - 59 yrs 17 19 36
60+ yrs 0 0 0
Total 159 141 300
People with special needs: 0 Households: 23

Names of villages expected to benefit and number of beneficiaries:

Ruavatu S/School

Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 62 43 105
15 - 24 yrs 80 79 159
25 - 59 yrs 17 19 36
60+ 0 0 0
Total 159 141 300
People with special needs 0 Households 23

Work plan stages and activities:

Stage1 Completed
Pre-construction workshop Yes
Identify construction supervisor Yes
Stage2 Completed
Purchase hardware materials Yes
Cut & drill fence posts No
Transport of materials Yes
Collect sand, gravel for concreting fence posts Yes
Repair 75mm PE mainline. Modify plumbing to include branch line to large tank Yes
Stage3 Completed
Install Davey electric pump between tanks Yes
Install plumbing between tanks & Davey pump Yes
Install float switch Yes
Install overflow pipe from high tank to low tank Yes
Repair leaks in distribution pipes from elevated tanks Yes
Stage4 Completed
Repair plumbing in staff houses on concrete slabs Yes
Repair plumbing in staff houses on posts Yes
Repair plumbing in girl's dormitory Yes
Repair plumbing in dinning hall Yes
Stage5 Completed
Install 1000g rain tank & gutters at girls dorm Yes
Install new Genpower Diesel pump at pump shed Yes
Stage6 Completed
Sub project complete No

Community procurement plan. List of up to 20 items/contracts:

# Contract Title Contractor Select Goods/Work/Services Cost SBD $
1 Hardware materials for Water Supply Unknown Goods 141135
2 Supply of Gates for Fences Unknown Goods 8000
3 Supply of Genpower 50HB-2 Diesel Water Pump & Spares Unknown Goods 9125
4 Supply of 1000gl and 800gl Aluminium Water Tanks Unknown Goods 20100
5 Supply of Kipor KG30T Trash Pump with Houses & Fittings Unknown Goods 13924
6 Supply & Installation of Daveys XF92 Pump Unknown Goods 17224
7 Supply of Timber Unknown Goods 9492
8 Contract of Plumbing Works Unknown Services 25000
9 Contract to Supervise Desludging all Septic Tanks Unknown Services 5000
10 Transport of Hardware Materials to school Unknown Services 6000
11 Transport of Gravel & Sand from River to school Unknown Services 3000
12 Transport of Septic Waste to Disposal Site Unknown Services 6000


Source Original Amount Planned in TDF Actual amount paid Source contribution % to total Purpose RDP funds acquitted
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