Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
and the production and productivity of farmers.

Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Heuru Community Hall / Monitoring Report / 05/10/2021 16:49

<% completition_percent %>% Completion

Date of monitoring visit: 06/10/2021
Matthew Faramoh

Work plan stages and activities:

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<% work_activity.description %> Yes Yes No

Implementation Problem or Procurement issues:

Issue Date Created Date Updated Resolved Y/N
Timber milling. 01/08/2017 18/01/2018 Yes
No issue, but with regards to SP, nailing of roofing iron should have been completed last week as stated in last MIS update however due to death caused delays for another week late. However, assurance has been given that nailing of roofing iron will be o 21/07/2018 19/10/2018 Yes
Due to shortfalls of brick/cements to construct septic/soakpit and as well as the semi walls at the recreation area have caused the work to halt. (A rough figure given is -50 bags cement needs to c/remaining work still o/standing. 12/12/2018 19/07/2019 Yes
The work on the extension is still ongoing including the external cladding due to timbers milled need proper seasoning. 12/12/2018 19/07/2019 Yes
Funds exhausted, rely heavily on community contribution 04/01/2019 19/07/2019 Yes
The bad weather experienced during the month of February halted works on the SP. 07/03/2019 12/09/2019 Yes

Are Financial records being kept up to date: Yes

Have records of community contributions been updated: Yes

Are there any changes to other contributions? No

Other Comment: The Heuru Community Hall is practically complete and in use. The PCU infrastructure Engineer however during her visit to site to do certification she had noticed shortfalls of few plumbing fittings as a result she had deferred final assessment and technical audit towards end of October 2021. This is to allow time for the Contractor and the OMC to complete the recommended tasks before the Completion Ceremony which is schedule for 27th October 2021. In fact the Operation and Maintenance Training was conducted on 30th September 2021

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