Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
and the production and productivity of farmers.

Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Baroo Kindy Classroom / Monitoring Report / 29/11/2019 14:41

<% completition_percent %>% Completion

Date of monitoring visit: 28/11/2019

Work plan stages and activities:

<% work_stage.stage %> Completed
<% work_activity.description %> Yes Yes No

Implementation Problem or Procurement issues:

Issue Date Created Date Updated Resolved Y/N
The community elect New Chairman to replace the out going chairman.New chairman ,Ramsey Sirai, Treasurer: Fred Wangi, vice chair 08/01/2017 02/06/2017 Yes
Community Members have distrusted the Former Chairman, who was already replaced and now have a new Committee Chairman. 26/02/2017 27/02/2017 Yes
Communityparticipation is weak. 29/05/2017 18/01/2018 Yes
Contractor not active and persuasive on the construction of the Kindy Classroom Project. Contractor was claimed to be the cause for the delay to this project. However today the sic and community meet and agreed to terminate the contractors contract. 26/06/2018 26/06/2018 Yes
Lining and fixing of trusses for roof cladding was abid delayed because of no proper size of Brider knuckle platzes for bottom cords of trusses. 28/06/2018 26/07/2018 Yes
Timber milling for wall structure is ongoing 20/07/2018 26/07/2018 Yes
The contractor did not committed to regularly supervise work on the building and delay the stage. 20/12/2018 20/12/2018 Yes
works still hold due to timbers, cement ,sand and gravel were not available on site 29/01/2019 29/01/2019 Yes
Construction works (concrete slab) still on halt due to shortage of cement 26/02/2019 04/03/2019 Yes
Construction works on walling and ceillng now complete,works is progressing well 05/11/2019 05/12/2019 Yes
Septic and soak way complete ,lid. still yet.Tank toilet building on construction . 28/11/2019 02/01/2020 Yes

Are Financial records being kept up to date: Yes

Have records of community contributions been updated: No

Are there any changes to other contributions? No

Other Comment: Finishing works continue progress. see photos.

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