Rural Development Programme

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The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
and the production and productivity of farmers.

Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Ripo Kindy Classroom


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Status: Ongoing

23.3% Completion

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Name: Ripo Kindy Classroom
GPS Coordinates: -9.7733511594(lat), 161.9481671848(lng)
Province: Makira/Ulawa
Ward: West ulawa
Village: Ripo
Cycle: Cycle6
Nature of Sub-project: New


Subproject Objective: Provide accessibility to early childhood education within our community.

Brief Description: Give us more time to do other works in our community rather than renovating our temporary classroom almost yearly and it's indeed to provide access to early childhood education. The building is a concrete slab.

Date approved by Province: 04/12/2015
Date TDF approved: 20/12/2018
Community Helper name: Emily Hillary Sausahali

Is this project added because of a discontinued project: No

Subproject Type: Classroom
Sector: Education
Subsector: Pre-primary Education

Date of SIC establishment meeting: 18/02/2018
Agreed name of SIC: Ripo Kindy Classroom SIC

SIC Executive Members:

Position (given) Name Gender M/F (select)
Chairperson Frank Marite Male
Treasurer/Accountant Gideon Porowai Male
Secretary Sandy Tara Female
Technical Officer Godfrey Mamuiesi Male
Youth Member Esther. Nguruseu Female
Member1 Moffat O'ngo Male
Member2 Everil Taki Female
Member3 Reginald Taki Female

Total Beneficiaries

Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 56 70 126
15 - 24 yrs 13 16 29
25 - 59 yrs 62 64 126
60+ yrs 25 20 45
Total 156 170 326
People with special needs: 10 Households: 101

Names of villages expected to benefit and number of beneficiaries:


Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 56 70 126
15 - 24 yrs 13 16 29
25 - 59 yrs 62 64 126
60+ 25 20 45
Total 156 170 326
People with special needs 10 Households 101

Work plan stages and activities:

Stage1 Completed
Building Pre-construction Workshop and awareness Yes
Timber milling contract Yes
Construction supervision contract Yes
Clearance of proposed site Yes
Stage2 Completed
Collect and deliver sand and gravel on site Yes
Collect and deliver timber on site No
C1.15 (d) part 11 - Construction phase environment mitigation agreed Yes
Environment and culture protection areas identified and clearly marked Yes
Stage3 Completed
Procurement of Hardware materials Yes
Hardware materials delivered on site Yes
Stage4 Completed
Erection of building profiling and excavation of footings Yes
Install reinforcement, caging and bending fro column, pad footing strip footing No
Inspection of reinforcement for all foundations before concreting to meet TDF requirements. No
Constructing formwork for column, pad footing and strip footing No
Concreting of column, pad footing and strip footing No
Stage5 Completed
Constructing of bearers and floor joist structures No
Constructing of wall framing structures, window frame and door frame No
Constructing of noggins, lintels and bracing of wall structures No
Inspection of framing to meet TDF requirements No
Stage6 Completed
Construction of roof framing and purlin structures No
Over laid chicken mesh wire on roof structure No
Constructing fascia board and bracing No
Sisalation paper and roofing iron on chicken mesh No
Inspection of roofing framing to meet TDF requirements No
Stage7 Completed
Constructing external wall and floor board lining No
Construction ceiling framing structures and install lining No
Constructing internal walling No
Constructing of architrave No
Stage8 Completed
Excavate septic tank and soak away pits No
Construct tank with reinforcement and concrete blocks No
Construct soak away pit with concrete and stones No
Installation of plumbing work inside building No
Connect water to building plumbing to septic tank No
Stage9 Completed
Patty, filling and sand paper walls and timbers No
Painting and decorating No
Dismantling scaffold No
Clean up site, remove nails and stock pile and spare materials No
Cleaning and drainage work No
Stage10 Completed
Building Post-Construction workshop No
Building maintenance No
Building service maintenance (septic & sanitation) No
Painting and decorating maintenance No
Landscaping and beautification of building site No

Community procurement plan. List of up to 20 items/contracts:

# Contract Title Contractor Select Goods/Work/Services Cost SBD $
1 Timber Milling Unknown Goods 22043
2 Purchase of materials Unknown Goods 99763
3 Labor Contract Unknown Work 30000
4 Freighting/Handling/Transport/Seafare Unknown Services 48194


Source Original Amount Planned in TDF Actual amount paid Source contribution % to total Purpose RDP funds acquitted
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