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The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
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Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Popoloi 3 Water Pump


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Status: Completed

100% Completion

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Name: Popoloi 3 Water Pump
GPS Coordinates: -9.484087298(lat), 160.118233127(lng)
Province: Guadalcanal
Ward: Ghaobata
Village: Popoloi 3
Cycle: DRG - Disaster Recovery Grants
Nature of Sub-project: New


Subproject Objective: Installation of water pump system in order for rural area community to have sustainable water quality and good environment without health risk.

Brief Description: To construct a good water pump system for our community to access for our catchment area. Community are prepared to contribute local materials such as sand, gravel and trees for timber and unskilled labor. Assistance require by our community from RDP is for funding support for the imported materials and skill labor to complete the sub project.

Date approved by Province: 29/07/2015
Date TDF approved: 13/05/2016
Community Helper name: Peter Preston

Is this project added because of a discontinued project: No

Subproject Type: Water Supply (Rain Catchment System) & Hand Dug Well
Sector: Health
Subsector: Water Supply

Date of SIC establishment meeting: 21/09/2016
Agreed name of SIC: Popoloi 3

SIC Executive Members:

Position (given) Name Gender M/F (select)
Chairperson Judah Bakachikai Male
Treasurer/Accountant Edna Kesi Female
Secretary Joseph Pegoa Male
Technical Officer Patteson Sikua Male
Youth Member Joses Perotada Male
Member1 Pegoa Jonita Female
Member2 Dora Lepovania Female
Member3 Wilson Tovo Male

Total Beneficiaries

Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 29 20 49
15 - 24 yrs 14 5 19
25 - 59 yrs 16 18 34
60+ yrs 1 2 3
Total 60 45 105
People with special needs: 2 Households: 16

Names of villages expected to benefit and number of beneficiaries:

Popoloi 3

Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 29 20 49
15 - 24 yrs 14 5 19
25 - 59 yrs 16 18 34
60+ 1 2 3
Total 60 45 105
People with special needs 2 Households 16

Work plan stages and activities:

Stage1 Completed
Pre-Construction workshop Yes
Confirm sites for rain catchments & wells Yes
Indentify construction supervisor Yes
Stage2 Completed
Milling of timber Yes
Collect sand, gravel and stones Yes
Purchase materials Yes
Prepare hand pump assemblies Yes
Transport of materials Yes
Stage3 Completed
Dig post holes Yes
Construct rain catchments Yes
Construct tank stands Yes
Install gutters and down pipes Yes
Stage4 Completed
Prepare 100mm PVC casing/screen Yes
Excavate wells Yes
Install PVC casing/screen Yes
Back fill well with stones/gravel Yes
Caste concrete seal on top of stones/gravel Yes
Stage5 Completed
Back fill remaining of well with compacted ground Yes
Place formwork & reinforcing for concrete apron Yes
Caste concrete apron & drainage channel Yes
Constuct soak pit Yes
Install hand pumps Yes
Stage6 Completed
Others if any Yes
Cleaning up Yes
Sub project complete Yes

Community procurement plan. List of up to 20 items/contracts:

# Contract Title Contractor Select Goods/Work/Services Cost SBD $
1 Mobilization Unknown Work 2500
2 Supply of Hardware Materials Unknown Goods 40282
3 Supply of 3000 Liter Poly Tanks Unknown Goods 21750
4 Supply of Sol Mark 5 Hand Pumps Unknown Goods 12708
5 Milling of Timber Unknown Services 14360
6 Construction of rain catchment system Unknown Services 2000
7 Construction hand dug well with hand pump Unknown Services 16200
8 Transport of Hardware Materials from Honiara Unknown Services 7000


Source Original Amount Planned in TDF Actual amount paid Source contribution % to total Purpose RDP funds acquitted
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