Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
and the production and productivity of farmers.

Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Bagarei Nurse Aid Post / Monitoring Report / 03/02/2019 17:09

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Date of monitoring visit: 01/02/2019
Samson Ariki

Work plan stages and activities:

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Implementation Problem or Procurement issues:

Issue Date Created Date Updated Resolved Y/N
The issues encountered and cause the delay of the SP are the shortfall of plumbing items and fittings for sewerage and also 15 bags of cement and 240 bricks for construction of septic and soakpit 23/05/2018 04/03/2019 Yes
Issue delaying the completion of the septic tank and soak pit are bricks. Bagare community request additional 24 bags of cement to complete the construction work on the septic tank and soak hole . Only 100 bricks available on the project site. 24/07/2018 21/08/2018 Yes
Same outstanding issues mentioned in the previous report remain unchanged. A co-funder has been identified and negotiated through the PSU but is yet to render his financial support. 17/08/2018 21/08/2018 Yes
Ablution roof was blown off during the recent cyclone OMA . 22/02/2019 04/03/2019 No
Ablution roof was blown off from the building during the recent cyclone Oma . Attempt to reconstruct the roof was not possible due to no nails available. King posts were not bolted with 12mm size bolt and rafters were nailed with only 3 inches nails.. T 22/02/2019 22/02/2019 No

Are Financial records being kept up to date: No

The SIC claimed all receipts have been submitted to PSU TL (former) already

Have records of community contributions been updated: No

Are there any changes to other contributions? No

Other Comment: The PSU team will help the community to complete septic and soakhole, connect water for the sanitation, complete sink stands, complete ceiling parterns and finish off plumbing works during the month of February 2019

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