Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
and the production and productivity of farmers.

Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Horabau Community Hall / Monitoring Report / 15/10/2020 08:34

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Date of monitoring visit: 15/10/2020
Flora. Lasi.

Work plan stages and activities:

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<% work_activity.description %> Yes Yes No

Implementation Problem or Procurement issues:

Issue Date Created Date Updated Resolved Y/N
Community are now working to mobilize the remaining timbers to SP site. This should be done by the end of the month. 23/10/2017 18/01/2019 Yes
Community are working on timber milling, slow but soon to complete the milling of timbet for walling and flooring. 05/04/2018 18/01/2019 Yes
Few timbers are yet to carry on site 25/05/2018 25/05/2018 Yes
PSU are delaying funds to procure paint, nails, plumbing materials and nails. 10/12/2018 18/01/2019 Yes
milling contractor not available at the site for timber cutting 08/03/2019 23/12/2019 Yes
need few fittings for the plumbing work 28/09/2020 15/10/2020 Yes

Are Financial records being kept up to date: Yes

Have records of community contributions been updated: Yes

Are there any changes to other contributions? No

Other Comment: Recently procured materials are shipped to the SP site and so community organized and identified a contractor who managed to completed all finishing jobs. People are organised to set times or days to beautify the building area. People are so grateful to RDP for making all efforts to fund the building and complete the rest, though it took so long to complete the work. Women and children are the happiest people in this community, they will be able to earn extra money to support their family needs when the community hall is hired by individuals, organisation or others in the future. A blessing indeed.

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