Rural Development Programme

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The objective of this programme is to improve access to basic services in rural areas
and the production and productivity of farmers.

Rural Development Programme

Solomon Islands Ministry of Development, Planning and Aid Coordination

Taghoaba Kindergaten


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Status: Ongoing

62.5% Completion

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Name: Taghoaba Kindergaten
GPS Coordinates: -8.086860160367(lat), 156.60037778647(lng)
Province: Western
Ward: South ranongga
Village: Taghoaba
Cycle: Cycle4
Nature of Sub-project:


Subproject Objective: To provide a proper venue for early childhood education for children.

Brief Description: Tagoaba is one of the small communities that supply school kids to the primary school in Suava. Tagoaba itself is located next to Suava. However, between them is a river that has to be crossed, in most cases, by boat when it floods. Suava does not provide early childhood classes although it is planning to do so. Tagoaba will cater for other nearby village kids when it completes its kindergarten school sub project. At present all the children wait to reach primary age to begin their education.

Date approved by Province: 30/06/2015
Date TDF approved: 03/10/2012
Community Helper name: Gideon Tuke

Is this project added because of a discontinued project: No

Subproject Type: Bld/Construction
Sector: Education
Subsector: Pre-primary Education

Date of SIC establishment meeting: 20/11/2015
Agreed name of SIC: Taghoaba Kinder garten.

SIC Executive Members:

Position (given) Name Gender M/F (select)
Chairperson Jack Firi Male
Treasurer/Accountant Jimmy Fosimu Male
Secretary Isaac Sore Male
Technical Officer Joas Ratu Male
Youth Member

Total Beneficiaries

Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 23 31 54
15 - 24 yrs 24 29 53
25 - 59 yrs 77 67 144
60+ yrs 4 3 7
Total 128 130 258
People with special needs: 6 Households: 41

Names of villages expected to benefit and number of beneficiaries:


Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 23 31 54
15 - 24 yrs 20 25 45
25 - 59 yrs 47 52 99
60+ 4 3 7
Total 94 111 205
People with special needs 5 Households 29


Age Group Male Female Total
0 - 14 yrs 0 0 0
15 - 24 yrs 4 4 8
25 - 59 yrs 30 15 45
60+ 0 0 0
Total 34 19 53
People with special needs 1 Households 12

Work plan stages and activities:

Stage1 Completed
All environmental mitigation measures are followed and done Yes
Mobilisation and procurement of materials, labour, equip, etc Yes
Building orientation, profiling, squaring and leveling; timber milling and transportation to site Yes
Site clearance and development Yes
Excavation of footings Yes
Stage2 Completed
Block work to tank basement No
Construction of foundation (setting steel work, concrete cast in situ to footings and catchment posts Yes
Steel setting in floor slab, formwork, and concrete cast in situ to slab Yes
Stage3 Completed
Fixing up roof bracings and cyclone stripping Yes
Construction of roof(fixing up lintel beams, rafters, purlins, fascia and barge board Yes
Roof cladding and fixing up barge roll flashing Yes
Stage4 Completed
Fixing up gutters , storm water down pipes and connect to water tank No
Connecting reticulation lines valves and stand pipes No
Clearing and chart away all rubbish to the designated dump site No
Others if any No
All works are completed and ready for completion ceremony No

Community procurement plan. List of up to 20 items/contracts:

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Source Original Amount Planned in TDF Actual amount paid Source contribution % to total Purpose RDP funds acquitted
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